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As a parent, a top priority is your child’s health and well-being. A big part of maintaining that health is choosing the right physician. Children are not miniature adults — their systems are not as developed as an adult’s, and may be somewhat fragile in the early years. Pediatricians are highly trained and specialize in the unique medical needs of children and, whenever possible, should be your child’s primary care provider.

At Northwoods Pediatrics in Spring and The Woodlands, TX, we work with you not just to treat and prevent illnesses, but to help with your child’s overall well-being as he or she grows from infancy through adolescence.

Caring for the Whole Child

Our caring staff and pediatricians connect with your child and take time to answer any questions you may have regarding check-ups, health issues and their treatment plans, and explain any medications prescribed. A good pediatrician is an important member of the health team that cares for your child, and who makes children’s health a prime concern.

From newborn through infancy and the various childhood stages, the main goal of your pediatrician is prevention of illness and maintaining a well child status for him or her. Through years of care, your chosen pediatrician will know your child’s medical history and be familiar with any issues or special needs that may crop up.

Wellness Exams and Other Services

The pediatric services our pediatricians provide are many and varied. During routine visits in the newborn and infancy periods, your child will be thoroughly examined, weighed and measured to assure proper growth is taking place, eyesight and hearing will be checked, and any concerns you may have will be addressed. Routine inoculations for childhood diseases will begin during this time as well.

Early childhood is when the pediatrician will determine if your child is meeting prescribed standards for learning to walk, talk, and socialize. All children progress to different levels at different times, but one who seems to be falling behind will alert the doctor that there may be a specific problem causing the slow progression. The earlier an issue is found, the earlier it can be tested and treated.

Even after the early childhood stage, regular visits to your pediatrician are highly recommended. School-age children are exposed to many illnesses and diseases that require medical treatment; many of these illnesses are preventable through routine exams that help keep your child’s immune system strong and healthy.

Pre-teen and adolescent years can be troubling for parents and their children when bodies begin to change due to hormone levels, there may be joint aches as most children have a growth spurt during this time, and a myriad of other changes take place. Your pediatrician is familiar with this stage of a child’s life and may order specialized tests to assure that all is well.

Contact us with any questions you may have about our pediatrics staff or the new patient process. We make it easy on parents, with downloadable New Patient forms so you have less to fill out in our waiting room! Give us a call today to find out if Northwoods Pediatric Center is right for you and your child.



Love how organized and how friendly this office is.  He’s always in good hands with your staff.

− Paula Williams Sirvello

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